Tongyu Communication Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Tongyu company") strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations within the scope of business, abide by the highest standards of business ethics, and EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) code of conduct, comply with the principle of fair competition and transaction integrity in all business interaction, rejection of corruption and unfair competition, and respect for intellectual property rights to create harmonious business environment. This policy applies to all employees and stakeholders of the company (including but not limited to customers, suppliers, contractors, etc.)

Tongyu Fair Business Practices Policy

1. Tongyu respects intellectual property rights and transfers technology or experience 

knowledge in an appropriate wayto protect intellectual property rights and customer 

information security.

2. The company takes a "Zero tolerance" attitude towards bribery and corruption and 

requires all new recruits to sign the "Employee clean and honest commitment". At the 

same time, the company requires all partners and suppliers to sign"Sunshine 

Procurement Agreement" to encourage employees and interested parties to conduct 

an anonymous report on abnormal behavior(excluding cases prohibited by law).

3. The company prohibits personnel with family relation to work in the same 

department. Personnel with assessment, investigation, management, procurement, 

quality inspection and warehouse inspection functions are prohibited to introduce 

their relatives to work at supplier company or provide convenience to work or go 


4. Tongyu company established its independent audit department and law 

department. Law department provide legal guidance, identification and assessment 

on trade competition, human resources management, network security, anti-bribery 

and anti-corruption for top management and relevant departments of the 

company. Audit department is responsible for the development of complaint 

prosecution process and system. After receiving reported violation case, they 

should conduct investigation and evidence collection. To ensure the interests of the 

informants, all information will be kept confidential.

5. Tongyu upholds fair advertising and competitive standards, abide by the anti-unfair competition behavior, including but not limited to: monopoly, forced trading, illegal tying conditions of goods, commercial bribery, false propaganda, dumping, defamation, collusion, infringement of trade secrets (theft, inducement, coercion or other improper means get the business secrets of the right owner, in violation of the agreement or against the obligee's demand for keeping business secrets, disclosure, use or permit others to use the business secrets he has). The company use information encryption, sign confidentiality agreement,and regularly save the server information to protect the customer information security.

6. Company informants and personnel been reported violation cover the company's senior management, their respective agencies, departments and staff throughout the companybusiness management and business development processes. Informants can reportcases through letters, e-mail, wechat, phones, opinion box and face to face. Customers and suppliers can report through the company's mailbox: report. Internal staff can report through the mailbox: The contact phones 0760-85318111 (extension 8292)

All Tongyu staff and stakeholders have obligation to supervise on the policy. This policy will make appropriate changes according to the updated international standards, laws and regulations.